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2023 Audi A3, More Than A Sedan.

From its sleek, contemporary exterior to the surprises that lie within - the Audi A3 is more than a pretty face. Thoughtfully designed with functionality in mind and packed full of useful tech features, this car has everything you need for an unforgettable ride.

2023 Audi A3 Performance

Premium FWD S tronic

Seven-speed S tronic automatic transmission and front-wheel drive

2023 Audi A3 7-speed S tronic

7-speed S tronic

Driving pleasure takes no time to engage with the 7-speed S tronic® - offering manual mode via steering wheel shift paddles for a rapid response.

2023 Audi A3 Two drivetrain optionse

Two drivetrain options

Make sure your vehicle can handle any terrain with either front-wheel drive for those looking to conserve or our quattro all-wheel drive tech for guaranteed grip in tough conditions.

2023 Audi A3 Audi drive select

Audi drive select

For an off-road adventure or to tackle challenging terrain, your vehicle must be equipped with the right technology. Choose front wheel drive for fuel efficiency or opt for quattro all-wheel drive for any challenging paths you may face.

Sport suspension

Whether you prefer a smoother ride or more responsive handling, there is an adjustable mode to fit your driving style. Customize the steering, transmission and throttle response with four selectable settings: Comfort for relaxation; Auto for cruise control convenience; Dynamic for sharper performance and Individual which allows complete personalization.

2023 Audi A3 Sport suspension
  • Engine type - Inline 4-cylinder
  • Max. Torque - 221 lb-ft
  • Max. output - 201 HP
  • Top speed * - 130 mph
  • Valvetrain - 16-valve DOHC with Audi valvelift
  • Induction/fuel injection - Turbocharged TFSI
2023 Audi A3 Design
2023 Audi A3 Driver-centric interior

Driver-centric interior

Enjoy a driving experience tailored to you with the Audi A3 interior. Feel secure and comfortable behind the wheel as luxurious materials wrap around your cabin, creating an elevated setting for every journey ahead.

2023 Audi A3 Black optic sport package

Black optic sport package

Audi A3 drivers can take sporty style to the next level with an exclusive Black optic package. Featuring a sport suspension, 18" upgraded wheels and sleek black exterior trim - this package is sure to turn heads on any road.

2023 Audi A3 LED headlights

LED headlights

Safely light up the path ahead with powerful LED headlights and an eye-catching daytime running light signature.

2023 Audi A3 Interior inlay

Interior inlay

The Audi A3 Premium is stylishly appointed with a striking Platinum Gray inlay for interior refinement. Those looking to enhance the look of their vehicle will find Agate Gray fine grain birch wood standard on the Premium Plus model, creating an even more luxurious atmosphere.

2023 Audi A3 Technology
2023 Audi A3 MMI touch display

MMI touch display

Enjoy the convenience of a smartphone on your car dashboard with an MMI touch display. With its crisp graphics and customizable screen, it's easy to access all your contacts, messages, playlists—even just by touching or swiping like you would at home. Plus feel confident in knowing each command is met with satisfying acoustic feedback!

2023 Audi A3 Bang & Olufsen

Bang & Olufsen

Feel the power of your music with an awe-inspiring 680-watt, Bang & Olufsen® sound system featuring 15 next-level speakers plus a 16 channel amplifier that will have you feeling like you're in the middle of a live show every time.

2023 Audi A3 Virtual cockpit plus

Virtual cockpit plus

Audi virtual cockpit plus offers a personalized driving experience. Its 12.3" HD display presents all the essential info you need right in front of your eyes - making every journey special and convenient!

2023 Audi A3 Audi Connect

Audi Connect

With Audi connect, you're only a few clicks away from unlocking an array of features tailor-made to streamline your driving experience. Don't fret about being stuck at that traffic light - know exactly when it'll turn green! You can even ask Alexa for some musical accompaniment and double check if all the doors are locked before leaving your vehicle behind.

Audi smartphone interface

Recharge your device without a cord and connect with Apple CarPlay or Android Auto for an effortless smartphone experience on the road.

2023 Audi A3 Audi smartphone interface

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Are you ready to move into the world of luxury and performance driving? Audi Bakersfield is here to help you get in your next Audi. The 2023 Audi A3 comes with impressive performance and comfort. Our product specialists are ready to take you through all you need to know about the A3 including price, financing, range, and features. Call us today or visit our Audi Bakersfield dealership for more information.

2023 AUDI A3
2023 Audi A3 FAQs
How has the 2023 Audi A3 been updated from the previous model year?

The 2023 Audi A3 has been updated with a new infotainment system, a more powerful engine, and a variety of other new features

What are some of the key features of the 2023 Audi A3?

The 2023 Audi A3 comes with a new infotainment system that features a 10.1-inch touchscreen display.
Android Auto and Apple CarPlay are standard, and there is a Wi-Fi hotspot.
The 2023 Audi A3 has a 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine that produces 201 horsepower.
All-wheel drive is standard, and the car has a seven-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission.

What is the starting price for the 2023 Audi A3?

The starting price for the 2023 Audi A3 is around $35,400.

How does the 2023 Audi A3 compare to other cars in its class?

The 2023 Audi A3 is one of the top-of-the-line cars in its class. It offers a powerful engine, plenty of standard features, and all-wheel drive that puts it ahead of many competitive models. In addition, the price point is competitive when compared to other cars in its class, making it a great choice for those looking for an affordable yet feature-rich car.